Solar panels on roofs

Solar panels on roofs  save on electricity costs and reduce the greenhouse effect. We have expertise in providing the best solar panels for roofs for many different  situations. Eco Exteriors can plan and install photovoltaic banks and you can go off the grid, save money on bills and reduce fossil fuel consumption for your power needs.

Solar panels on roofs – use a certified roofer

We have seen problems when clients have chosen an unqualified person to install solar panels on their roofs. You can be confident in our professional approach and we will ensure that the best system for your house siting and exposure. We also take care to make sure the roof substrate is strong enough to bear the additional weight of the solar panels on roofs.

Why solar?

Eco Exteriors is an environmentally conscious business and we pride ourselves on contributing building solutions that minimise everyone’s carbon footprint. It is possible to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption by using the sun’s energy. Investing in solar panels on your roof just makes great sense.

Our qualified Vancouver solar roofing team can deliver the best solution for your home or business and we are members of the Better Business Bureau so you can have confidence that we are easy to deal with and reliable.

Contact our friendly Eco Exteriors staff on 604.985.4ECO (4326), to discuss solar panels on roofs for you.