What Is Eco Roofing?

When many of our customers learn that asphalt shingles cannot be recycled or contain no recycled materials, they ask us if there are other options. At Eco Exteriors, we’re proud to say yes —
we offer energy efficient roofing that’s environmentally friendly and affordable.

Our eco roofing options are tailored for the environmentally conscious consumer. They’re sensible for you and practical for the planet.

Even better, we offer renown Canadian brands that contain high percentages of recycled materials and low environmental impact. Most do not require complicated installs, either. Our popular eco friendly roofing options include:

Curious to know more about our eco roofing? Continue below where we detail the types of eco roofing, the benefits, and how to choose the best green roof for your home.

What Are the Different Types of Eco Roofing?

In the past decade, we’ve seen a jump in the number of eco roofing choices available to customers and businesses. New technology not only makes for exciting innovations but reduces costs and increases longevity. Our energy efficient roofing systems limit your carbon footprint. As a bonus, they also help to lower your heating and cooling costs.

But what are the differences between our eco roofing systems? Check the detailed chart below to find out:

Eco Friendly Roofing Type Eco Friendly Roofing Description
EnviroShake This composite roofing system is made of 95% post-consumer recycled materials. Used rubber tires and plastics are shredded and pressed into shake-like singles. They’re very durable and withstand harsh winters and high winds. Even better, they’re designed to look like cedar shake. This means you get a durable roofing system that’s eco friendly and looks architecturally pleasing.
EnviroSlate The EnviroShake company’s latest iteration, Enviroslate, is again a composite roofing system comprised of 95% recycled materials.  This time, the finished product mimics an authentic slate tile roof. Yet it’s even better than slate because although it lasts just as long, you’ll spend much less. This is a long-lasting roofing system with loads of curb appeal.
Composite This shingle system by Morderne Composite Slate Roofing is another option, not unlike EnviroSlate. It’s a Canadian brand that uses recycled materials and compresses them into slate-style roofing shingles. They’re an affordable and environmentally conscious option that looks just like slate without the cost. With Moderne Composite, you have the option of four colors and two styles.
Metal Eco Exteriors uses the latest in Snap Lock seamless metal roofing. This roofing system can be installed fast, and because it’s made of metal, it’s recyclable and energy efficient. Out of your eco roofing choices, metal roofing is one of the easiest to maintain of the eco roofing options. The ability to customize the widths of the panels means it’s ideal for both residential and industrial applications.
Western Red Cedar This all-natural shake roofing system is the original eco-roof. We purchase our Western Red Cedar from companies that practice zero waste, opting for wood that would otherwise go unused, such as furniture and construction planks. Western Red Cedar offers plenty of thermal insulation, is energy efficient, and resists rot and mold.
Solar Roofing These Malarky Roofing Ecoasis solar reflecting shingles protect your home from rain, snow, and solar rays. Malarky infuses its shingle system with reflective granules that deflect sun rays. This is a great option for homes with little or no shade. Solar roofing reduces your utility costs.

The 7 Benefits of an Eco Friendly Roof

Choosing eco roofing isn’t just helpful for the environment; you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or business benefits, too. Below, we break down why you should buy an eco friendly roof.

Competitive Pricing

Choosing an eco roof doesn’t mean you have to spend more money than a traditional roofing system, such as our laminated architectural shingles. Because we install many of our eco roofing systems similarly to asphalt shingles, you won’t foot harsh installation costs. Other options, like metal roofing, utilize a Snap Lock install that installs even faster than asphalt shingles.

Low Maintenance Costs

Eco roofing is often easier to maintain than traditional shingles. Composite shingles, for example, are durable and resist mold and rot, making them ideal for wet environments. And our metal roofing options are popular with industrial clients because they stand up to tough weather conditions for decades.

Recycled Materials

Eco roofing doesn’t just save you money, it directly impacts your surrounding environment. Most eco roofing systems are made of recycled materials, such as used car tires, plastic bottles, and other consumer plastics. EnviroShake even recycles cellulosic fiber, a plant waste, into their products.

Sustainable Roofing Systems

Our customers love that little or no new oil and noxious composite compounds are used in our EnviroShake, EnviroSlate, and Composite shingles. By using sustainable post-consumer materials to manufacture 95% of the shingle, your new roof doesn’t contribute to your petroleum consumption.

Save Money on Utility Costs

Eco Exteriors’ roofing options curb your utility costs. That’s because we believe that a key component of an eco roof is that it’s energy efficient. Our solar roofing deflects sunlight from overheating your house, increasing your cooling bill in the summer. EnviroShake’s thick composite material adds a hefty layer of insulation to your home, incubating the heat in the winter.

Top-in-Class Fire Protection

Most of our eco friendly roofing options boast high-grade materials that are fire retardant. For industrial clients, we recommend metal roofing because it stops contained fires from spreading. And our recycled composite products boast the same fire protection rating as traditional asphalt shingles.

Peace of Mind with Lifetime Warranty

The warranties offered with our eco roof options are some of the best in the industry. EnviroShake, for example, possesses three decades of experience with their shingle systems; they vouch for their product and that gives our clients peace of mind.

Are There any Drawbacks to an Environmentally Friendly Roof?

While our eco roof options provide our customers with tremendous value, some of our choices may pose minor drawbacks to certain homeowners or businesses. The Snap Lock metal roofing systems, while easy to install, sounds loud in the rain. The sound can be amplified in homes with large attics.

To avoid this problem, check out our EnviroSlate roofing system. It’s much cheaper to install than traditional slate roofing. Plus, it captures the streamlined appearance achieved by metal roofing

As another example, the cost of our high-quality and eco friendly Western Red Cedar shake can be pricey for customers looking to find a crossroads between value and their environmental footprint. We suggest asking about our composite shingles. They’re made of recycled plastics and rubber and can resemble wood shake shingles, minus the upkeep and pricey install.

What Is the Difference Between a Green Roof and an Eco Roof?

Many customers searching for an environmentally friendly roof find themselves stuck comparing a green roof and eco roof. But what’s the difference?

A green roof, also known as a living roof, is an intricate roofing system that enables a home or business to grow plants on their roof. The vegetation can be as simple as a layer of grass, or a complex system of vegetables, vines, and trees.

As you can imagine, a green roof involves an elaborate combination of layers, which can either be modular or stationary. You need a waterproof membrane, a root barrier, adequate drainage, and a medium for growing plants, such as loam.

While beneficial for the environment, a green roof is costly to install and very costly to maintain. It needs weekly attention and a keen eye to spot leaks in the membrane or issues with drainage.

EcoExteriors’ environmentally friendly roofing abides by many tenets of your traditional residential roofing systems; it’s good for the environment and requires little upkeep, especially when compared to a green roof.

What Is the Best Eco Roof and How Much Does an Eco Roof Cost?

Stay in harmony with the environment and upgrade your home at the same time with an eco roof from Eco Exteriors. Our options are both affordable and sustainable, meeting your needs while stopping needless waste from ending up in our landfills.

We’ve gone through the key types of energy efficient roofing, how it will save you money, and the reasons to choose one type over another. Now that you’ve learned everything about eco roofing, are you ready to talk to us about your favorite options? Whether you have a home or commercial building, contact us today for your free quote.