Cedar roofing Western red cedar

We are proud suppliers of environmentally sensitively sourced Western Red Cedar shakes and shingles. It is a range of products that have one of the lowest impacts to environmental sustainability and climate change. Furthermore, they provide a traditional style, which is naturally durable.

We choose the suppliers of our cedar roofing from Western red cedar suppliers who often sourced from salvaged wood fibre and other wood left on the forest floor that is not suitable for other manufacturing such as building planks or furniture. What’s more, there are many beneficial qualities of natural  cedar roofing. Western Red Cedar is the best material for shakes and shingles due to the natural rot resistant and thermal qualities of the material.

Thermal Qualities of Cedar Roofing – Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar makes a great choice for roofing due to its remarkable thermal resistance. It insulates a home from the extreme elements so that it preserves heat in the winter by preventing cold penetrating as well as keeping the heat away during summer. This has obvious benefits to energy use, with less greenhouse gases being released in the environment as less heating and air conditioning being used.

We have been certified by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB) and if you are a builder who wants to maintain their Green credentials then partnering with us is a good choice.

Contact our friendly Eco Exteriors staff on 604.985.4ECO (4326), and we can explain how to successfully plan for cedar roofing in your next project.