Enviroshake is a composite roof system that is made of 95% post consumer recycled materials. The best part about Enviroshake is that it takes thousands of old rubber tires, and recycled plastic products out of our landfills. Then turns them into a beautiful cedar or slate looking roof. Saving the landfills and saving your home from the elements. All this with a lifetime warranty.

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EnviroShake has been the industry leader in recycled composite shingles for over 20 years. Replacing cedar with a recycled composite is not only a earth friendly choice, it will also greatly increase the life of your roof. Made from 95% rubber and plastic, this product has become the most popular choice in Eco Roofing.

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A Roof for Life

Enviroshake’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is fully transferable within the first 50 years*.

In order for your Enviroshake® Limited Lifetime Warranty to be effective:

The purchaser must complete the warranty registration within 30 days of purchase including submitting photos of the completed roof & a copy of the invoice

Enviroshake Inc. reserves the right to carry out an inspection of the installation prior to granting the warranty

The product must be installed by a Certified Enviroshake® Installer that has proof of valid certification from Enviroshake Inc. (This can also be confirmed with Enviroshake Inc.)

*Once transferred the warranty remains valid for the remaining number of years up to fifty years from the date of installation, not the date of transfer.
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Available in natural brown, weathered grey, or midnight black.