Metal Roofing

If you’re researching for a new roof install, you need to add metal roofing to your list of potentials. That’s because, in the past decade, Eco Exteriors has seen a tremendous boost in metal roofing installations in the Lower Vancouver Mainland. Homeowners have discovered the benefits of this system from videos and articles just like this one.

Eco Exteriors is not only the installer of your metal roof but also the manufacture. They bring custom roll forming machines to your home or project and make the entire metal roofing system on site. By taking rolls of flat stock metal and feeding it through a roll forming machine that creates seamless metal panels. This allows Eco Exteriors to make every piece of metal roofing perfectly for your project.

While the initial cost usually exceeds the price of an average asphalt shingles roof, metal roofing lasts up to 50 years longer and can slash your home heating and cooling costs. The metals we use come from renewable sources and, unlike asphalt, are not made of oil and they won’t one day end up at the bottom of a landfill. Even better, we offer excellent prices and stock a color variety that will match your home’s unique flare.

So before you decide on your new roofing system, read our in-depth guide to metal roofing. Below, you’ll find information on the types of metal roof materials, the systems Eco Exteriors installs, the advantages and disadvantages, and a detailed FAQ.

What metal roofing material should I install?

Another advantage of metal roofing over the traditional asphalt shingle is that you have the choice between multiple alloys and other metals. This way, you can tailor the look and benefits of your roof based on the needs of your family and the look you’re aiming for. In the list below, we provide the essential info on the four primary metal roof materials: steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc.

1. Steel

Steel roofs comprise most of the metal roofing you see in your neighbourhoods and businesses. That’s because it’s lightweight, durable, and comes in many colours. Steel is the number one choice when it comes to metal roofs. Eco Exteriors most affordable and most durable metal roofing option will always be roll formed, galvalume steel, roof panels.

Steel roofs come in a smattering of options. You can install Eco-lock or standing seam panels. The introductory products come galvanized to ward off deterioration, but most are galvanized with a coating of baked enamel paint, Just like your car! For added protection we can opt for a Kynar coating that wards off fading.

2. Aluminum

Many homeowners have chosen aluminum over steel because its less likely to rust or decay. While this material costs more per foot, it’s even more lightweight than steel and easier to manipulate, so your installation costs, depending on your roof, could be lower. Aluminum is also ideal for homes or businesses that cannot bear much weight on their roofs. This is the ideal option for coastal homes. But if you live under trees prone to dropping heavy branches, be aware that aluminum is softer than steel.

3. Copper

Copper roofs are the ideal choice for trendsetter customers because you won’t see this material in a typical suburb or downtown retail center. This is a soft metal, yet it can last upwards of 100 years. It is not prone to rust and has the added benefit of dampening the sounds of exterior noises. One of the other benefits of copper is that it oxidizes over time, causing a blue-green patina to cover the surface. This takes 50-60 years to really show off its brilliance. Though some customers like the look most do. The downfall to copper is the price. Copper is sought for its durability all over the world making it in demand and more expensive than the other choices.

4. Zinc

If you need the ultimate in longevity and durability, then you need a zinc roof. This is a rare roofing material in Canada, but in Europe, more than half of all metal roofs are zinc. That’s because they’ve learned that the upfront cost associated with a zinc roof becomes very affordable over time. Most roofs installed with zinc can last well over 100 years, which makes this a once in a generation installation. Zinc develops a modern grayish patin

Eco-lock Seamless Metal Roofing

Eco-Lock seamless metal roofing is, as the name suggests, a seamless metal roofing panel that snap-locks into place. Each Eco-Lock seamless metal roofing panel comes in 12’’ – 18 wide panels made to any length. With an architecturally concealed fastening system. It is extremely easy to install and easy to maintain. Eco Exteriors, North Vancouver’s roofing team, can professionally scope, manufacture, and install Eco-Lock for your next home or commercial project.

Eco-lock Seamless Metal Roofing is a Practical Solution

Because the edges ‘snap’ in, the joints do not need to be crimped as with other types of metal roofing systems. If you are planning a new residential or commercial building project, the beauty of the Eco-Lock seamless metal roofing system is that custom widths and lengths make each panel seamless from top to bottom.

The Eco-Lock seamless metal roofing system comes in a variety of finishes including Gavlalume and Kynar coatings. Because of its seamless design, it allows water runoff more efficiently. This is not only practical, but over time, will preserve the integrity of your roof and the house as a whole.

Eco-lock Seamless Metal Roofing is Visually Stunning

Eco-Lock is a great product that Eco Exteriors is proud to supply. It’s suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial roofing situations. Plus, it looks outstanding and offers a high-class visual appeal to your home, factory, or office.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is an exceptionally durable option prized for its longevity and ability to withstand harsh weather. We often recommend it to homeowners with roofs that expand and contract, deteriorating budget roofing systems faster than normal. Sometimes the roof’s slope is not compatible with Eco-Lock. Also, standing seam is a popular choice for architectural projects and high-end homes.

Often, the raised seams or ribs you see on metal roofs are part of this installation method. The locking system for standing seam metal roofing can be either a snap-lock, mechanical lock, or a batten panel. Our installers attach the locking hooks into the decking and then clip the panels into place. Although you’ll pay more for a standing seam metal roofing than Eco-Lock, you’ll benefit from added durability and years of protection to your home.

What are the advantages of a meal roof?

There is more than one reason to choose a metal roof for your home or business in the Lower Mainland Area. Eco Exteriors has been installing metal roofing systems for years, and we’ve heard many positive reviews from our customers. Below, you’ll find some of the things our customers love about their metal roofs.

Energy Efficient

Asphalt shingles may have reflective granules, but nothing shields your home from summer sunlight like a metal roof. This is particularly important for homes without shade and endure eight to twelve hours of sunlight. A properly installed metal roof can cut your A/C bill by upwards of 25%.

Built for Canadian Weather

Steel, aluminum, and zinc roof systems last longer than asphalt roofs. Indeed, customers boast that their new metal roof is the last major purchase they’ll have to make. And because a metal roof is incredibly durable, punctures and lost panels are a rare occurrence, which lowers your maintenance costs.

A Sleek and Standout Look

Whether you want to install a metal roof to boost your home’s resale value, or to catch your customer’s attention as she saunters down the street, a metal roof is an eye-catching upgrade to your home or business. Unlike asphalt, you can customize your metal roof to match the exterior of the home.

Fast Installation

Our Eco-Lock metal roofing system boasts one of the fastest install times in the industry. We’ll remove your old roof, install your new one, and leave your home free of asphalt debris. Most client homes can be completed within three of four days, which means less inconvenience and more time undisturbed with the people closest to you.


Metals and alloys such as steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc are prized in the recycling industry. Your roofing materials will either originate from recycled matter or will, once removed in fifty to eighty years, be recycled. The same cannot be said about asphalt shingles. Every year, thousands of tons of asphalt material is dumped into toxic landfills.

Fire Retardant Panels

You will never have to worry about a fire skipping over the roofs of nearby homes on catching onto yours. Because there’s nothing the fire can catch on to, a metal roof is dependably fire-safe. Many insurance companies will lower your premium when you update your roofing material to metal. Check your insurance provider for more information.

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

No roofing system is perfect, and metal roofs have a few drawbacks that we always tell our customers before they make their final decision. Read over these important points to see if a metal roof is right for you.

Higher Materials Cost

When you add up the installation and materials, an affordable metal roof will still cost more than an asphalt roof. But if you look at the lasting benefits of a metal roof, they are often cheaper, because you won’t replace them as soon as asphalt.

Denting of Panels

While we don’t see this very often as metal roofs are very durable and can last anywhere from fifty to eighty years, heavy objects, such as tree limbs, can dent the panels. Usually the roof if still OK and you won’t notice a dented panel from most angles, and of course, dented panels can be easily repaired. This is generally a problem specifically for homes or businesses nestled in wooded areas with overhead branches.

Sound different in rain.

Metal roofs are often said to be louder than other roofs. This misconception comes from the old tin roofs that were actually much louder. Though they do have a different sound in heavy winds and strong rains, our feed back from customers is that they are not considerably louder.

Slips Hazards Possible

If you ever think something is wrong with your metal roof, make sure to call Eco Exteriors. Don’t climb up onto a metal roof to fix even a minor issue. That’s because metal roofs present trip and slip hazards. Please let a pro with the right equipment do this.

Metal Roofing Maintenance – is it easy?

Our customers love the peace of mind their new metal roof offers them. When you get your roofing quote, make sure to ask about the different coatings available for the panels. Most panels are Galvanized panels are coated with zinc, then have a thick layer of baked enamel paint far a secondary layer of protection. An even tougher paint coating is called Kynar, a type of modified polymer that is designed to fight off all weather conditions.

Also, remember that you also get an Eco Exteriors Limited Lifetime Warranty on labour and material. The Eco Exteriors warranty protects proprietary materials and accessories made by the company.

Are metal roofs energy-efficient?

When we think about energy, we need to expand our purview. It’s not just about the amount of money you save on your electricity bill, although that’s important. It’s also about the amount of waste and the energy expended to dispose of that waste.

Roofing waste tallies over 11 billion tons a year; that’s a lot of room in our landfills. Our metal roofing systems are made of at least 30% recycled materials and, because they’re made from steel or aluminum, the entire roof can be recycled. Metal roofs also ship with a pigment coating that aids in the reflection of harsh UV rays. So you could save close to 20% on your electricity bill.

How much does a Metal Roof cost? – Metal Roofing installation costs

The cost of a metal roof varies depending on the size of your home and the system and style you prefer. But generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $6 a square foot to $12. The final price, including materials, installation, and warranty can range somewhere between $15,000 and $50,000. But our average house is $25-30,000. Keep in mind that this one-time price will last the lifetime of at least three asphalt roof installations.

At Eco Exteriors, we take pride in our customer service and offer a great selection of metal roofing systems. Now that you’ve read our detailed guide to metal roofing, we can help you find the ideal metal roofing solution for your home.

We service the entire Lower Mainland Vancouver, which includes Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, and Abbotsford. Don’t forget, we also allow financing; just let us know when you call our staff. When you’re ready for your quote, call us at 604-985-4ECO (that’s 4326) or use the contact form below.

Eco Snap Metal Roofing is considered to be one of the most durable roofing systems ever created. The Eco Snap Metal Roofing system will last a lifetime, but being metal is also 100% recyclable. The stylish snap system is custom made on site to ensure the perfect fit every time.

All Eco Exteriors Metal roofing comes with a fully transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty. We also have a 5,10 or 15 year workmanship warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • This includes all materials and accessories made by Eco Exteriors.
  • All Metal roofing is formed on site, custom to your home for the perfect fit.
  • Quite possibly the last roof you will ever put on your home.

Eco Snap Metal Roofing is considered to be one of the most durable roofing systems ever created. The Eco Snap Metal Roofing system will last a lifetime, but being metal is also 100% recyclable. The stylish snap system is custom made on site to ensure the perfect fit every time.


All Eco Exteriors Metal roofing comes with a fully transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty. We also have a 5,10 or 15 year workmanship warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • This includes all materials and accessories made by Eco Exteriors.
  • All Metal roofing is formed on site, custom to your home for the perfect fit.
  • Quite possibly the last roof you will ever put on your home.